What It Gamelan Barrel Slendro

In the last post I review some of the gamelan pelog 6 and 7. In time I will elaborate a little loose on the barrel Gamelan Slendro, sorry if less problem I personally do not take school bench :). In his gamelan slendro semkin striking difference with pelog 6. if the feeling is so strong slendro luk luk her when in listening, apalaki at large gending then forwarded to ladrangan, so good to be felt.
Example gamelan slendro when equated with diatonic scales as follows;

Slendro is certain when equated with diatonic 4 (fa) and 7 (si) no, the second term is lost to the barrel tone gamelan slendro. And to equalize the tone should be in scale on the keyboard, otherwise there is definitely off-key (for the term nayaga means nyliring).

At the top is a little description of the gamelan slendro, sorry if there is a shortage, because there is no perfect man.

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