Whether It Pelog 6 And 7 ?

Gamelan is included in the pentatonic scales, as it consists of 7 tone increments for pelog and 7 tone gamelan increments for slendro. Usually gamelan if equated with the keyboard or other instruments contained in the notes A, Bes and B. Therefore on the gamelan tone remained there on the pitch, it can not change by the make to gamelan (nayaga)
While the gamelan has its own definition, namely;
  • idiophone musical instrument that is of bonag, gender, demung, saron, slenthem, tap, kenong, kempul, gong and xylophone.
  • Musical instruments from drums ciblon memranophone ie, bem and sampak. because, as art jamandi Jaipur also be input to the instrument is memranophone.
  • Chordophone musical instrument that is zither and fiddle
  • Aerophone musical instrument is the flute
Gamelan tone sequence when equated with diatonic musical instruments as shown below;

Actually on pelog 6 and 5 are the same, only the term pelog 5 tibone or the last gong in increments of 5, and 6 tibone gong in increments 6. ladrang example santimulyo it pelog 5 while the barrel pathet Puspowarno Ketawang 6.

Pelog 7 usually somewhat higher than in pelog 6, because the tone of the fundamental tone A = Do increased to basic tone E = Do diatonic tones. Examples ladrang Sri widodo take pelog 7 and others.

Here distinctive cultural heritage of our ancestors, made of bronze gamelan to the strains which could make so delicious to be listened to.

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