What is Gamelan Tradisional Jawa

In the aesthetic context, the type of western and traditional music is a dynamic symbolic language. Generally speaking the language of music can be classified into three types of presentation
  • Vocal music, art sound produced through a human mouth
  • Musical instrument, art sound produced by a musical instrument or object sounds.
  • Mixed music, sound art produced from a blend of vocal art and musical instruments
In terms of performance, the art of karawitan can be divided into three groups, the following groups:
  • Karawitan Sekar, the sound art of the area expressed through the sound of the mouth with the guidance of tone, sound and supporting instruments.
  • Gending musicians, sound art expressed through folk music instruments. Gending here is a composition of tones that have a regular form according to the convention tradition.
  • Karawitan Sekar Gending, a form of presentation of regional sound art that combines sekar and gending. Sekar gending has the meaning of the form of artistic sounds in the form of a song that is accompanied by gamelan.
Traditional musical arts musical instruments are very diverse types, can be presented by way of patted, hit, plucked, blown, shaken and so forth.

These three musicians form above each have different branches to each other. Keep in mind that environmental factors in the community does provide its own color and image. In addition, performance techniques, sound technics, aerodynamics can bring different kinds and shapes.

Gamelan obviously not a foreign tool for the population of Indonesia, because the gamelan is a musical lata consisting of various percussion instruments. The gamelan is made of bronze, brass and iron. gamelan also exist ynga made of wood gamelan example gambang.
  • Waditra Kenong principally strengthens the slnthem and gong beats. This tool as a rhythm guard or anggeran wiletan.
  • Waditra Kendang as anceran wiletan is a musical instrument used as a rhythm that will give the tempo of a gending.
  • Waditra Rebab, flute and gambang as Amardawa song or international term as melodic song.
  • Waditra demung, slenthem, saron as a template song. This gamelan will give a unique feel that will align the flow of gending.
That is the review of one of the traditional arts of Indonesia, for others I will review at another time, matur nuwun ...

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